Two Decades Of Success

For nearly two decades, The Atlanta Business Alliance (“the ABA”), a Georgia non-profit corporation, has provided a forum for some of Atlanta’s finest business owners, professionals and community business leaders to exchange ideas, network, provide support and find answers to the issues confronting them on a day-to-day basis.



Weekly Breakfast Meetings

The weekly ABA breakfast follows a format that facilitates discussion among the members.  We start our meetings by welcoming guests, allowing them to describe their businesses.  Then, one of the Members provides insight into his or her businesses, describing in detail the products and services that the business provides and the challenges it faces.  We conclude our meetings with each member passing along “leads and thank-yous” to other members for whom they might have a lead or who may have supported them in some way during the prior week.

Meeting weekly at The Georgian Club near Cobb Galleria, Members of the ABA engage in candid conversations about the challenges they face and the goals to which they aspire. The weekly meeting, however, only describes a portion of the value that the ABA has to its members.  Members often network outside the weekly meetings and trade leads throughout the week.  Thus, each week members will meet to discuss how they can assist one another with their respective endeavors.  It is during these meetings that significant “business” gets done.

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Social Interaction

Of course, the ABA is more than a business organization.  It also is a social organization.  Members and their families have attended ball games, gone boating, played “Whirly Ball” and participated in social functions throughout the year.  The annual holiday party is a highlight of the calendar.  The collegial atmosphere found in the organization largely arises because the members not only do business with one another but also enjoy each others company in social settings.


New Members / Visitors

The ABA welcomes applications from new members.  To protect our current members, we do not allow new members from industries that are already represented in the membership; however, if you believe that you qualify for membership, do not hesitate to contact us.  We welcome those who can contribute to our mission of building a networking organization second to none.

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