A self-service human resources system allows employees to go online to update their personal information, view and print paystubs, review company policies, and apply for jobs within the organization.  In a time where Human Resources teams are often stretched thin and being asked to do more with less, having such a system in place can free up time for your Human Resources staff so they can better focus on the overall needs of the company.  There are also several other advantages that come with purchasing a self-service human resources system.

1.       It greatly streamlines the process of recruitment and selection for open positions within the company.

2.       These systems often come with the ability to run enhanced reports previously unavailable to you.

3.       The user interfaces on these programs are designed to be very easy for your employees to learn and navigate.

4.       These systems are available for use 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and can be accessed from either work or home.  Employees will be able to quickly and easily obtain information online that was only available through Human Resources previously, such as details regarding benefits and opportunities for training.

5.       The systems will help your office be more environmentally friendly but cutting down on your use of paper forms.

6.       Because employees can easily update their contact information online, you will find your information database is more up to date and contains fewer data entry errors.

7.       By using these systems to move your paystubs completely online, you will save the time and cost involved in printing and mailing the paystubs to your employees.

8.       By having employees report their time worked online, you will no longer experience costly errors caused by illegible timesheets or errors in data entry.

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